Terms of Service

In these Terms following terms have the following meanings:
"Chargeback" a bona fide demand by a credit-card provider for FIL to make good the loss the credit card provider has incurred because the User has without justification disputed a purchase for which the User paid for using the User’s credit card.
"Creator" a User who uploads Content on the Website to be viewed by other Users.
"Commission" the amount calculated as a percentage of the Revenue paid by Fans to view a Creator’s User Content or to use the Fan Interaction.
"Incentive Payment" the payments that are made by FIL to Users who introduce new Users to Gslem FansOnly, which shall be equal to 5% of all the Commission earned by the referred User.
"FIL" Fenix International Limited, with company registration number: 10354575 and registered address: Fourth Floor Imperial House 8 Kean Street London WC2B 4AS; Fenix Internet LLC, wholly owned subsidiary of Fenix International Limited.
"Fan" a User who follows another Creator and views the Creator’s User Content;
"Fan Interaction" any functionality offered by a Creator as part of that Creator’s User Content which is hosted by OnlyFans which allows a Fan to interact with (as opposed to just view) the User Content and or the Creator.
"OnlyFans" the social network of Users operating on the Website which enables Users to provide and view User Content and where appropriate, utilise Fan Interaction;
"Payment Provider" any third party approved by FIL which enables a User to make payments or a Creator to receive;
"Payout Options" the instruction given by each Creator to a Payment Provider as to how Commission will be transferred by the Payment Provider to the Creator;
"Refund" the return of monies to a Fan after a bona fide dispute, often issued prior to a chargeback;
"Revenue" the monies paid by a Fan to FIL to view User Content or to use Fan Interaction;
"User" any user of the Website, whether a Creator or a Fan;
"User Account" the section on the Website which can only be accessed by FIL or the User which inter alia details the Payment Provider and Payout Options;
"User Content" any and all photos, videos and other material or facility (including Fan Interaction functionality) uploaded onto the Website by a Creator;
"Wallet Credits" a prepayment made by a Fan to FIL to facilitate access to User Content/Fan Interaction under the terms contained within this agreement.
"Website" the website at www.gslem.com.