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The legendary KILLA. Known and recognized for it’s KILLA flavours. The good nicotine kick one simply can not resist. Flavor of Melon.


Killa melon is a muscular pouch of nicotine with 20mg / g nicotine in each 16g weight pouch. All white tobacco-free portions are designed with rich nicotine flavor for experienced users who want high nicotine availability. There is nothing wrong with calling a Killa melon product extra strong in strength. This product is also known to be better at scaling than other nicotine pouches. It comes with Killa melon, a slim white product format That shares a discreet and comfortable user experience with dry surface moist content.


Killa products are available in different amounts of nicotine as well as in different flavors. Killa melon is a new product coming in the market that includes a unique and juicy taste of melon in every pouch of nicotine, which would be the best choice for experienced users if They are looking for a new flavor. The use of Killa melon takes you to instant tropics and provides a taste of sun-ripened melon.

Advantages of Killa Melon:

Killa products are known for their nicotine kicks, and no one can beat the availability of its best flavors. The use of Kila 20mg / g melon pouch provides you:

Strong nicotine kick:

Killa melon offers an intense nicotine rush with the freshness of melon and mint. Juicy melon, along with sweet flavor and the high amount of nicotine, boosts you from which you get rid of tobacco.

Immediate effect and absorption of nicotine:

As we all know, smoking is a critical issue at the moment. The smoker is harming not only himself but also the health of the people around him. In addition, it has a detrimental effect on the environment. Nicotine pouches can be essential in quitting smoking which is made entirely tobacco-free. This alternative to smoking hurts health and the environment. Ends. And nicotine shows a fast, immediate effect.

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£ 4.99

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