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The legendary KILLA. Known and recognized for it’s KILLA flavours. The good nicotine kick one simply can not resist. Flavor of Watermelon.


Killa watermelon offers another sweet, refreshing flavor sensation with a strong nicotine kick like Killa melon. Killa watermelon is 100% tobacco-free, extra strong, and super nicotine pouch. In which the pleasant taste of watermelon and hint of mint is comforting. These are 20 pouches, all-white pouches with 16g weight. If you use just one of them, you will feel a 20mg / g nicotine kick. Killa brand’s Water Melon is a flavor resorption plate used to eliminate dangerous habits like smoking. Since this product also contains a high amount of nicotine, it is not recommended for new users but should be used by experienced users. Killa’s Watermelon flavor can be a good choice if you already use nicotine pouches and want a unique taste.
Highly recommended for experienced users


100% tobacco-free of Killa brand, this product gives a fresh taste of WaterMelon and Mint in long-lasting taste. One pouch of this high amount of nicotine can use only once at a time. A bag of Killa watermelon is used under the upper lip for 5-30 minutes. It is not medicine. Instead, it is a plant-based basis that helps to break the habit of smoking.

Benefits of Killa Water Melon:

Killa watermelon is a brand new product of Killa brand specially made for those who have used old nicotine flavors and now want to taste fresh. These high nicotine pouches provide mint and watermelon freshness for a long time after being placed on the upper part of the lips.
Also, like all nicotine products, they are tobacco-free, helping to control the effects of smoking on the environment. If you are an old smoker but want to quit now, use the fresh flavor of Killa’s watermelon.

Killa Watermelon Extra Strong gives you a strong nicotine thrust. The sweet flavor of magnificent watermelon. Does not contain tobacco. The summer freshness of watermelon with a small hint of mint. A super-strong All White snus. This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. This product does not contain tobacco. The good nicotine kick one simply cannot resist. The flavor of Watermelon.

Content Weight: 16g
Nicotine: 20mg/1gram mg/g
Flavor: fruity
Moisture: 60%
Pouches: 20

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£ 4.99

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